Monday, June 6, 2011

very thorough update about our tour we just went on

We just got back from our first tour.
It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much to everyone who helped us - set up shows for us, put us up, partied with us, etc. We are very appreciative & feel so lucky!
Special thanks to Nashville & Detroit. Ben Todd!!! You are the BEST!
Magic Jake! You are an angel.

None of us have digital cameras, but we took brought some disposable cameras and our phones... so an entry of pictures will come soon!

We crossed the border into the USA - it was Sammy and Nigel's first time leaving Canada! Very exciting! We had a really long drive but were excited to begin the tour.
Crossing the border: Our border guard lady was SO MEAN for NO reason!!!!! We couldn't believe it! I still can't believe how mean she was. We made it through in about 30-40 mins (although it seemed like much longer) and were happy to be on our way.
We pulled up to the Problem House in Allston, MA where we were playing our first show! The other bands were Karl Marx, Saralee and Scamps. Saralee was a girl Sara, who has the cutest / best voice, and Lee a great drummer, who lives at the Problem House and was a gracious host to us! I was happy to see them play.
Karl Marx was a 3 piece that were great. Great songs and great musicians - we really liked listening to their CD while driving (We only have a CD player in the van!! It sucks!)
Scamps were heavy n cool - I really liked their tough punk piano player! They headlined and people PARTIED!
It was so nice to see familiar faces from the last time I was in town with my other band, the White Wires - namely GLENN and CHRIS from the KLYAM. Glenn's dad too who is really nice! And a gentleman that films bands sometimes - Here is a video he took of us playing the Eggroll:

Next we drove to NEW YORK! (Brooklyn Specifically)
Where our favourite people CARLY and DAVIE live. Both these girls run Daed Pizza - a record label / blog. They DJ and organize events under the name too. Carly helped me organize this tour SO much too. She was so helpful and awesome. Carly put on a great show for us at Bruar Falls. She also had a BBQ!!! We had cheeseburgers, Carly's grandmas potato salad (secret recipe) weed brownies, etc.
Nigel and Sammy went to explore the city. We didn't see them for so long! They somehow ended up in Manhattan. Kristina Emo and I were feeling beat... It was so hot out and we felt achey n gross (only on day 2!) so.... we got MANICURES!!!
Our nails looked great, but the best part was paying 10$ to relax in a quiet air conditioned place.. Pretty asian ladies took care of us. None of us had ever really gotten manicures - so we were pleasantly surprised when BACK, ARM and HAND massages were included! Soooo nice!
The show itself was so fun... The band the Splinters (all girl band from Oakland) played a surprise set - and the girls' new bands played... Teen Witch and Pamela, both who were awesome. Teardrops from NYC played too and were cool.
We met & saw lotsa our fav NYC characters - Andy Animal, artist Avi Spivak who DJed the show with Ana. Ana is a cutie who hungout with us after the show! We went and sang karaoke afterwards and then passed out at Davies house. Davie had to leave to go to the Chicago Blackout Fest the next morning. Whatta trooper.
Then we woke up and started to drive to Philly!
I got my drivers license a week before we left for tour and drove through downtown Manhattan! I guess that's an accomplishment because the taxi drivers around there are such dicks.

We drove to our main man Perry's house in West Philly. Relaxed a bit, got delicious mexican food. Nachos and Burritos! YUMMY!
The show was at Hong Kong Garden - a warehouse space where rad people and a REALLY cute dog (Mimi) live and throw shows sometimes.
We played with Very Happy - a cool new band made up of 2 girls and 2 guys. They were awesome and nice too. Then Bandname played - they were cool and their drummer is a COMEDIAN!!! you'd have to see for yourself. He's a card!
Pussydogs played too! They are my FAV!!! They are a funny punk band. They gave us one of their brand new 7"s they had for sale!
We went back to Perry's after, hungout with his cat NACHO who is a feisty kitten! He scratched us all up but that still didn't stop us from playing with him.
We love Philly cuz we get to hang with Philly and he makes us feel right at home! His roomie Alejandro is super funny too. (Both Perry and Alejandro are in surf punk band DRY FEET!) This time we met Garret, his other roomie that drums for the Screaming Females. He was awesome too. They let me heat-set the PKP shirts in their dryer even though it was so hot! Thanks guys!
We left pretty early the next morning as we had another long drive going straight down tooooooo

We didn't know what to expect from this show... It was a free show in a seemingly clean, conservative part of town in a city very close to the Bible Belt. We looked and felt like slobs / outsiders among tanned yuppies and hip young families. Sammy got in trouble for skateboarding.
We were playing at an Asian Fusian restaurant called THE BOX - we got free dinner and it was really tasty!
The fact that the show was free and attracted a lot of unlikely and different people than we might expect to see at one of our shows. Our promoter was really nice and helpful too. He told us about his job as a lighting technician at a theater where beauty pageants, teen dance numbers etc, happen. It sounded so funny! I loved hearing about it. I insisted he take us to work next time we come through!
We played first out of 2 bands. There were about 3 or 4 people there who had come just to see us -  an unexpected (and nice) surprise!  (One fan was a cool guy called "RIP"!)
The other band playing was the DIXIE LICKS!
We don't know how to explain them properly... They were a group of ladies and one dude in cut off shorts, lace tights, hiking boots... They were sexxxxy!!!! The audience loved them! We'll never forget the Dixie Licks.
Emo (my sis) had a REALLY good time. I won't get into details.
We had a very strange and memorable time in Charlottesville - a place I never thought I'd visit. We met a lot of nice people!

Kristina and I stayed sober throughout the night (we were most certainly the ONLY sober people among supreme wastoids) and we wanted to begin our longest drive as soon as possible.
We only made it to about 4am and stayed in a GREAT cheap hotel in Virgina. We really experienced Southern hospitality.
Our hotel room was huge, clean, like paradise for 5 tired touring people that needed sleep and comfort so badly.
I was so worried I still hadn't properly heat-set our t-shirts we were selling, so Kristina and I stayed awake even longer ironing them.
We put them out in the sun in the morning just to make sure they had some kind of EXTRA heat - we really didn't want the ink the wash off when they were washed! (Turns out they were fine)
We slept in as long as possible and headed to Nashville.

Despite starting our drive the night before, we still had about 7.5 hours to drive - we all took turns driving (4/5 of us drive, Yay!) I drove in a 75mph zone through windy hills, with aggressive truck drivers. I was a lil overwhelmed but we made it safely...
We pulled into Nashville, and before getting out of the car we were already charmed! We love that city so much.
First stop was Jake's house - from JEFF the Brotherhood and the dude who runs INFINITY CAT, the label that just repressed the PKP record! (Which is really exciting for me) We experienced more Southern hospitality as Jake fed us yummy BBQ dinner, showed us his awesome place (also the Infinity Cat HQ). Jake gave me the new PKP records - some are PINK vinyl - the PERFECT shade of pink! Also, Jake gave us a copy of the new JEFF album "We are the Champions". It rules and we listened to it 200 times in the car! We know the words by heart. Can't wait to play with them in June.

We needed to get to GLENN DANZIG'S HOUSE (also Cy Barkley and Ben Todd's house!) to load in asap. It was ***HOT*** In Nashville - kinda tough for us Canadians, although apparently it was only a taste of what was to come later in the summer.
The first band on was FOX FUN. They blew our minds! 2 young dudes (who had exams early the next morning!) that were incredible musicians. So awesome!!! We LOVE Fox Fun and were so happy we got to see them! They were cool as hell.
Then was DIARRHEA PLANET - they were awesome too - 4 guitars, a bass guitar and a drummer! So much energy! The crowd LOVED them!!! They were Sammy's fav band. All super nice dudes too. We partied with them and can't wait to see them again!
Then it was our turn to play - I really wish we had played better. I wanted Nashville to be our best show, but it didn't live up to my high expectations. Either way - we had fun and were happy to be there. People said they liked it so that made me feel better.
They are one of my top 5 current bands to see live. They fucking rule! They have great energy too -catchy unique punk songs, and are bad ass. Jessica is a great frontwoman. Tiffany is an amazing drummer - Mimi is a wicked guitar player (and sooooo nice too!!!)
Daniel is so good on bass - after the show we partied with him and I haven't laughed so much in a long time. Daniel is crazy. He is a troublemaker. Watch out! Him and Sammy are like the same human being. They love partying, mischief, destruction! Kristina and I knew right away they would be the best of friends - and about 30 minutes later they had both stripped down to their tiny novelty underwear and were sexy dancing together. It was magical.

Later that night we went to Seth from Useless Eaters place to hangout and party. About half of us went to go trespass and swim in swimming pools! It was a perfect night for swimming. Still hot and sticky and we really coulda used it after that crazy show.
I ended up skipping out on the swimming & staying with Kristina and new friends, drinking some crappy spiked iced tea I got from a gas station nearby... We walked back to Ben and Cy's fell asleep.... zzzz... I had the best sleep on a mattress that had been used as soundproofing earlier at the show.
Ben Todd was the promoter - Truly a sweet man! and a man of few words. He took good care of us.
We woke up and Cy, Ben and the lovely Bekah Cope (photographer, fashion dealer) took us to a GREAT Nashville burger joint! Bobbie's Dairy dip. It was hot out again so we all got delicious milkshakes. Also burgers... corndogs... etc. It was perfect and somehow didn't make us feel too full and gross like fast food sometimes does.
There were big cicadas everywhere - big flying bugs that scream when you pick them up! There were tons and they would just land on you. I was hoping one wouldn't land on me because I would freak out and be a big baby about it, when all the Nashville people just casually picked them up by their wings.
After lunch we said our goodbyes, even though we never wanted to leave! Ben gave us great mix CDs to listen to the car - we were SO grateful for them! AND some Nashville's Dead 7" releases!!! (His awesome new label)
WE LOVE NASHVILLE!!! Our next stop was:

We had a pretty long drive to Lafayette... A seemingly quiet city, filled with party animals. Scooter was the promoter and host. We loved him! He made sure we had a good time.
We were so hungry before we got to the venue - and when we arrived he had ordered us 2 pizzas and some appetizers, which were ready minutes after we walked through the doors! Now THAT is service.
We chowed down, set up our gear, hungout in the ACed venue.
Black Elvis played - They were funny and PUNK. Pretty chaotic and fun to watch. The drummer had an arm in a sling!
PUNK TALK then played (same drummer as the first band) and they were AWESOME! Scooter was the singer. He's a great frontman. It was almost the same band as the Sweet Sixteens (who I unfortunately never got to see) They were so fun and put us in the perfect mood to play! We played and I think it was my favourite set of the tour. We had a great time...
After the show we were really tired and looking forward to a vacant apartment above the venue we were told could sleep in.
Turns out.... everyone at the show relocated up to said apartment when the bands were finished!!! Haha. No sleep for us, once again. We stayed up and partied until 6am.
(Odd fact about the apartment... Someone who lived there had found & left boxes and boxes of old 1970's photo portraits in the main room. They were scattered all over the floor. They seemed to be from a portrait studio from back in the day... It was fun to look through them. A very authentic and bizarre blast from the past)

We drove into Chicago, straight to the Empty Bottle where we were playing that night. I went to the laundromat right down the block and sat in peace and quiet there while I washed the few clothes I brought with me. It's nice to be alone sometimes when you are on tour.
There were TVs everywhere playing Spanish shows. A toothless guy came in a said very complimentary/sleazy things to me and then tried to guess my ethnic background. Polish? nope. Italian? nope. French? nope. I have dyed dark brown hair and light skin so I guess he didn't assume I was Irish! That's mostly what I am.
Then the dude tried to sell me a popsicle! (He was for real trying to sell popsicles to people at the laundromat)
I went to a nearby cafe, lounged, checked my email (something we needed wi-fi to do since we have Canadian smart-phones)
We met up back at the venue to soundcheck - I forget our sound guys name (Gary?) but he was really big and had long curly hair. He was THE MAN!
We had great sound, and he was patient and nice, things we appreciate. It's always nice when sound guys aren't douchey egomaniacs / when they give a shit.
We played the Chicago show with the Runnies who were awesome. Mary was the singer and organ player in the band. She was really nice and had a great voice. the Runnies made spray painted show posters! They were cool. I forgot to grab one.
Then it was our label-mates Natural Child from Nashville! They were awesome too. They work together so well on stage and have their sound down. Their amps were about 8 times bigger than ours!
Very rock n roll. We were excited to play with them again in Detroit.
Chicago was one of my favourite shows - a lot of people I love and admire showed up! It meant a lot to me!
My friend Bill from Cococoma & Trouble in Mind Recs, all the Hollows girls & guy! Alex White who is so awesome, Todd from Hozac, friendly faces I met the last time I was in town for New Years with Nobunny! 2 separate guys named Eric who were nice. So many great people.
We stayed with our friend Brian who was a great host and lived in a nice part of town. We fell asleep to a Muppets movie. Kristina and I got the comfy futon to sleep on, and Sammy slept on a couch on the back porch. Him and Nigel said they heard chickens outside - my sister and I just thought they were crazy! But it turns out that a neighbour nearby had a chicken coop. Interesting!
We all met up with our bud Brent from Mickey the next day and went to the Handlebar (i think?) and had an awesome lunch. We had a short drive that day we could (finally!) explore a little bit. We did a lot of great Chicago things: We went SHOPPING! (mostly window shopping) I bought sandals and 3 ROCTOBER magazines! We also went to Uncle Fun, a great little knick-knack shop. We bought lotsa stuff - Bozo the Clown stickers and a bobble head mouse to decorate the Peach Kelli Pop mobile. Brent also gave me a copy of the new Mickey record (It isn't out yet!)

We then drove our Chicago friends back to their apartments and drove toooooooo

We drove into Milwaukee right before our soundcheck.
The soundguy had a brand new mixing board he hadn't tried out yet. He said he didn't normally do sounchecks for bands, but it's a damn good thing he did this time because he couldn't figure out how to use it without excruciating feedback for about 25 mins.
We were checking our vocal mics for some time.
Aaron was our promoter (him and Claire also DJed the show!)
It was real nice to see him!
My favourite part of this show was the other bands.
Trent Fox and the Tenants were a band that had been highly recommended for us to try and play with - I'm so glad I got to see them. There is something special about them. They are of course great as a band - but they a very indescribable quality - something that makes them very endearing. I loved them and they made me happy to be on tour and in Milwaukee.
Next were the Honey Slides. Another Milwaukee band I had heard of and was excited to see. This band was comprised of 3 dudes and a lady drummer (Heather Sawyer! Bad ass!) and they were slick and poppy as hell. Very fitting band name. I really enjoyed them too. We traded merch and I got their CD. I adored listening to in the car - the sound really reminds me of the Midwest. Charming and polite.
The last band that played before us was the Hussy! Heather from the Honey Slides was on drums again. These guys were total rock n roll. Bobby Hussy was a crazy awesome performer and the duo worked together really well.
We were up next and I had a lot of fun playing!
The show had a small turnout - which people kept apologizing for, but we really didn't care. The show had a nice vibe and we were happy to be there.
Afterwards, we hungout at the bar and had many many fancy shots with out friend Claire! 2 of my favourites were the Roundhouse ( some red liquid, with "Liquid Ice" (Chuck Norris' energy drink)) and the Pancake Breakfast - a syrupy shot w/ orange juice chaser. Oddly enough it did taste like breakfast food. Our bartender Chris was really nice and enjoyed his job so much! It ruled!
We went back to Claire's house where we chowed down on cheese curds (I INSISTED on getting them while we were in town) Kraft Dinner (with cheese curds in them) and more. Claire has 2 really cute black cats. Rocker, who LOVES cuddling and Lola who is also a sweety. We had a great time and again, stayed up really late!!! No rest for the wicked. Claire had to go to work in the morning but still out-partied all of us!

We drove straight to the club, "The Strut". 
We were hungry and luckily the venue had awesome food, and we got a discount. MAN the salad I got was SO GOOD!!!
There were 3 bands total that played (including us) one of them being artist Ben Lyon's band the Hemingers! They were super primitive and garagey. Ben Lyon fronted the band and was super funny! It was his 30th bday too!!!!
His lady friend Melanie was super cute and brought a huge box of cupcakes and cake-balls (hehe) they were SO GOOD! I heard she has a bakery in the nearby town they live in. Maybe next time we could play her bakery!
Ben had silkscreened posters for the show, they are coooooool and he was nice enough to give us some of them! 
Kalamazoo was awesome and I'm glad I can say I have been there.
We left after the show and started to drive to Detroit. We wanted to go early so we could go rollerskating!

Detroit was my fav city. I think because we had enough time to properly experience it, we had the best people ever showing us around and making us feel at home.
The first thing we did when we got to the city was drive to Northland Roller Rink. We were the only white people there which is very different from Ottawa. 
Nigel stayed outside to hangout and read, and the rest of us went in and rented skates. I used to play roller derby a few years ago, so I know how & love to roller skate. Emo, Kristina and Sammy were good too! There were the cutest little kids out-skating us, grooving to the music, doing tricks, skating backwards, and also little kids learning to skate too; falling, getting discouraged, and their parents urging them to keep trying! I think it was important to the parents that their kids learn how to roller skate.
We went to the venue after that, pretty early. One of our friends from the band Gardens (who were playing with us later that night) worked at the venue and gave us detailed directions to get to the urban oasis that is Belle Isle. Belle Isle was about a 10 minute drive from the venue - we had no idea what we were in for. Basically it was a big body of water that you drive up to and park your car. There were hundreds of people there BBQing, swimming, playing sports, suntanning, hanging out. Everyone we walked by said "hi!" to us and were very friendly. People seemed to be in a good mood everywhere. It was REALLY hot and sunny so most of us went swimming, but I didn't have a swimsuit so I just went in up to my knees which was still very refreshing.
On the way out, we decided to stop at the icecream truck (that was playing Midi Xmas music hehe!) I got a Turtles Icecream bar AND an Original Bomb Pop! It was the perfect thing to do on a hot sunny day. 
We were going to go to Slow's BBQ for dinner - a restaurant recommended by Ben Lyon. We went in and there was an hour and twenty minute wait to be seated. Yikes! I wasn't keen on the super yuppie vibe in there anyways so we decided to go back to the venue, also a restaurant, to eat.
We had eaten burritos at the venue earlier that were great. This time we got 4 helpings of Mac n Cheese. We couldn't even finish 2 of them. They were AWESOME but when you have so much of something like that, it can start to seem gross.
After our enormous Mac n Cheese dinner we were lounging by the stage and the sound-guy burst into the venue, was immediately a total dick to Nigel (and in general) but the bartender who was very nice said he is usually nice / tried to cover for him. Whatever dude! He was an OK sound guy... I expected amazing sound with an ego as big as his.
Anyways.... the show itself was GREAT!
We played first. Like Nashville, I REALLY wanted to play well. So many people I admire were at the show. Conspiracy of Owls are a band that I am in awe of and I couldn't believe they would be watching us play. Unfortuantely I felt like this was our worst show, but people said they liked it, so oh well. I feel like the way a person on stage feels about a performance isn't always an accurate indication of its quality (usually it is a little, but I decided not to dwell) 
Next up were Conspiracy of Owls. I feel like they are the modern day ELO. They are a group of musically gifted people that write amazing songs, that sound just as good live as on vinyl. Every aspect of their songs are well thought out and intentional. Crafted to perfection. There were 6 people on stage, so there was a wall of sound as you might imagine. You could still hear everything including the vocals which is nice. I didn't get to talk to Bobby Harlow or the drummer, but we hungout with Jake (more on that later) and I was really happy to meet John (who was in the Go! with Bobby, another one of my fav bands) and who I consider one of my favourite songwriters. He was really nice which made me happy.
Next was Natural Child - they ruled again. Detroit LOVES them! It was fun to see. Like I said, they have a great dynamic and work together really well as a band.  
THEN was Gardens! By the time they played people were in super ultra party-mode. Girls were freaking out in the front-row and there was a guy passed out on the side of the stage.
There was a door on the side of the stage. Jake and I watched them from there. That was nice, not hot and crowded like in the audience.
Gardens were awesome and played a really good LP release show. 
We hungout a little bit after the bands played, sold merch. I met a couple guys from the Terrible Twos - one of whom shared his Poppers with us (doing Poppers = fun / funny) and, who I later discovered is the dude from Brownstown Gals. I randomly came across his music on the internet a few months ago - it is great country music with eccentric vocals, and I bought it on impulse and loved it, not knowing who the guy was. Turns out it was the guy in Detroit who gave me my first poppers.

Afterwards Jake (from Conspiracy of Owls, Magic Jake and the Power Crystals (his solo project!)) was our designated driver and drove us to a secret place to get beer after-hours before we went to a party.
The party was funny. Sammy went crazy and cut up all his clothes. He got almost naked like usual and it was funny seeing people react to him! (Also I forgot to mention - earlier that day he had shaved his facial hair into a mustache and we filled it in with my sisters mascara, so it looked VERY luscious)
A girl had 3 pet dogs - one being a HUGE saint bernard that ran through the front door into the party, making everyone cheer! Almost as if someone just scored in a hockey game or something. It was a very natural reaction to a huge ridiculous dog unexpectedly bursting into a group of drunkies.
Jake played some pool, we hungout and talked to some Detroit characters, made new friends, then the cops came twice to shut down the party. We were having too much fun I guess. A guy I met named Justin who plays with Jake in the Power Crystals was really funny and he hated Detroit cops! I guess they can be pretty annoying. 
Then Jake drove us back to his place. We took in our equipment to his place and he started a really nice bonfire. We stayed out there in his backyard until 5 or 6 in the morning. It was so fun! His roommate Steve (who I was told is or was the drummer for Electric 6 hehehe!) was really funny and shared some really intense hash oil with us. He warned us very descriptively how CRAZY it was an how HIGH we would be!!! So we were careful. I was the first to bed and people followed soon after. I was so relaxed and tired that I fell asleep on the couch with no blankets (but it was hot so whatever) in my clothes and all my makeup on (gasp!)
Jake woke us up the next morning, made us coffee, got us towels so we could shower, every other nice thing possible!
And then he drove us to his friend Fabrizio's house in Ferndale for a pool party before we left.
It was another really hot day with bright intense sun, perfect for swimming. Fabrizio wasn't home until later on, but we still went swimming in his pool. Julian from Gardens was with us. The dudes all had funny made-up dives they did off the diving board. Sammy gave them a run for their money, doing crazy jumps and spins into the water and even diving off the roof!
It was really nice and relaxing. It made me want to have a pool!

We were really sad to leave Detroit. Everyone had warned us about Detroit being dangerous, but no one said how beautiful and fun it can be. We were lucky to have people navigate for us, and point out the best places. Long story short, Detroit fucking RULES. People there were so nice to us. Jake made us a burned CD of Conspiracy of Owls songs and Magic Jake songs!!! We had it on repeat for a long time. I think my fav C of O song is "Three".
We were ready to go to Toronto, our last show of the tour.
We needed extra time for the drive in case the border guard gave us a hard time - our punctuality and fate being completely in their hands.

Guess what! The border was a total breeze. It lasted about 15 seconds. We were really happy because we were expecting the worst. We drove to Toronto and were TIRED. We partied hard in Detroit and didn't get to sleep for very long.
We were happy to be back in Canada because we could check our phones. We are nerds! We like to be connected and communicate with our friends / parents / boyfriends / manslaves / etc.
We parked across the venue and went to a nearby restaurant to get overpriced greasy food. We needed food pronto. Nigel and Sammy went their own separate way. We met at the club later for our last show - it was All Ages! That makes me happy. I wonder if anyone under 19 went?
Other bands that played were Mystics from Hamilton. They were cool and the the guy singer bought some PKP LPs for his distro!
Next up was my favourite FIRST BASE! My fav band to play with in Toronto. They have Ramones style pop songs and are a 3 piece. So good!
Then was Super Repeater. Crazy drummer! Really nice guys.
Next was the Sphinxes. Sassy soul rock n roll fronted by Sianteuse!
Then it was us!
The sound was sooo shitty and feedback-y and our sound guy was no where to be seen but we ignored it and had fun anyways. There were lots of girls in the audience which we like and people seemed to be having fun too!
I'm really happy we ended on a good note... Thanks Toronto!
After the show we DROVE HOME!!!!! and didn't get home until 7am!!!!
I slept until 5pm.
I will update this with pictures later.
I am not proofreading this so I apologize for the bad writing!
I have never been a good writer.

love allie


  1. "He's a card!" lol. shtick.
    think at one point i involuntarily, "ohhhhh boy."'d

    but LOVE Heavy Cream, LOVE Natural Child, and it's totally awesome yr on Infinity Cat. Best scene.

  2. har harrr! Leigh Ann!
    What's your mailing address?? email it to !

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